Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

(Ebook) Spesial Tony Buzan

Bro n sis, kalo kamu merasa belum mengoptimalkan otakmu, aku sarankan kalian segera ambil ebook2nya Tony Buzan ini. Ngga usah pake mikir dua kali. Take action now! Linknya keburu mati baru nyesel deh ntar. Ok, ni aku kasih gambaran isi ebook2 tersebut.

SPEED MEMORY is a comprehensive memory training course based on recent research. As you work through the book, you graduate from simple methods to highly advanced systems-and increase your memory power as you go! There are special sections on subjects such as learning foreign languages, memorizing poems and dramatic parts, and remembering for examinations.

SUPER CREATIVITY will teach you how to learn the whole-brain technique of Mind Mapping to think more creatively and solve problems more effectively.

USE YOUR HEAD is written to help you do just that. By the time you have finished the book you should understand much more about how your mind works and how to use it to the best advantage, be able to read faster and more efficiently, to study more effectively, to solve problems more readily and to increase the power of your memory.

USE YOUR MEMORY, a major new development from the memory sections of Use Your Head, is an initial tour through what should have been included as first among the seven wonders of the world: the 'hanging gardens' of limitless memory and imagination.

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