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(Ebook) The Complete Idiots Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

Musim hujan dah menjelang. Kalo musim peralihan gini biasanya penyakit menghampiri. Yang paling lazim ya flu. Vitamin yang cocok apa anak-anak? Yak betul, vitamin C. Kalo vitamin yang lain fungsinya apaan yach?

Makanya, baca deh ni buku. Komplit dah penjelasan tentang berbagai vitamin dan mineral. Gimana ngga komplit lha wong 427 halaman. Keriting deh tu mata wakaka. Biar ngga dikira ambil kucing dalam sarung, ni daftar isinya:

Part 1: The Vital Keys to Good Health

1 The Alphabet Soup of Nutrition
What all those letters mean—and why you need them all.

2 Choosing What's Right for You
Read this before you go to the vitamin store!

Part 2: The A to K of Vitamins

3 Vitamin A and Carotenes: Double-Barreled Health
Why Bugs Bunny has such great eyesight.

4 Meet the B Family
Family togetherness means better health.

5 Thiamin: The Basic B
The grandaddy of the B family.

6 B Energetic: Riboflavin
Burn off energy with this bouncing B.

7 Niacin: Cholesterol B Gone
The B that boots out cholesterol.

8 Pyridoxine: Have a Healthy Heart
Keep your heart beating beautifully with this B.

9 Folic Acid: Healthy Babies, Healthy Hearts
The breakthrough B that's good for young and old.

10 Cobalamin: The B for Healthy Blood
Are you sure you've got enough?

11 Pantothenic Acid: It's Everywhere
The B you can't run low on.

12 The Unofficial B Vitamins
Biotin, choline, inositol, and PABA: When is a B not a B?

13 Vitamin C: The Champion
If there's a miracle vitamin or a cure for the common cold,
this is it.

14 Vitamin D: Look on the Sunny Side
Life's a beach when it comes to this vitamin.

15 Vitamin E: E for Excellent
Tops on the vitamin report card.

16 Vitamin K: The Band-Aid in Your Blood
Getting you through life's rough spots.

Part 3: Minerals: The Elements of Good Health

17 Calcium: Drink Your Milk!
It's not just for kids—grownups need strong bones, too.

18 Magnesium: Magnificent for Your Heart
Also magnificent for migraines, blood pressure, asthma, and

19 Zinc: Immune System Booster
Think zinc for colds, wound healing, and prostate problems.

20 Electrolytes: Keeping Your Body in Balance
The electrifying news about potassium, sodium, and

21 The Trace Minerals: A Little Goes a Long Way
Did you know you need molybdenum?

Part 4: Exploring Other Supplements

22 Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Life
How you make 50,000 proteins from just 22 amino acids.

23 Essential Fatty Acids: When Is Fat Good?
When it's fishy or flaxy.

24 Super Antioxidants
Win the free radical battle with these power supplements.

25 Flavonoids for Humanoids
If it's orange, eat it—then have a cup of tea, some
blueberries, and a few garlic cloves.

26 Coenzyme Q10: Cellular Spark Plug
Natural energy for heart patients.

27 Help from Natural Hormones
Melatonin, genistein, DHEA—what's this stuff really all

28 Fiber: Moving Things Along
High fiber means high health.

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